About Us

Hi, I'm Cooper

I made this course because I hate CollegeBoard. I also don’t like the price gouging that other SAT prep courses engage in, so I made this alternative. I’ve compiled the best strategies that I’ve found to work over the past 3 years (since I started studying myself) and put them in this course for you. I’m also here to help and make sure that you get the best grade possible.

Questions? Feel free to contact me using the contact page or at cooper@scoresensei.com. I look forward to meeting you!

Our Advantage


Our all online interface allows you to focus on what you need to improve on and skip what you don’t need.

Our Mission


We want to provide you with the best information at a better price. We didn’t like how expensive courses are, so we made one.

Our Vision


We strive for a day where applicants are not judged off of one test. We want to give you the best score possible to expand your opportunities.

Meet Our Founder