Before anyone starts an SAT course, they want to know: Does SAT Prep help boost scores? The simple answer is yes, according to the studies.

The Washington Post published a piece in 2017 titled: “Can coaching truly boost SAT scores? For years, the College Board said no. Now it says yes.” In the article, they cite a study done by CollegeBoard that completely flips on their previous stance. As the article says, CollegeBoard had, since the 1950s, insisted that prep courses did nothing to help scores. This changed in 2017, when CollegeBoard released a report on their own brand of coaching through Khan Academy, linking it to an average of 115 points gained.

This was groundbreaking because it was a confirmation that CollegeBoard had been lying for over 60 years.

This was even more groundbreaking because it confirmed that coaching can help on the SAT.

CollegeBoard has to hope that coaching doesn’t help boost scores. This is because it invalidates the idea that the test checks for aptitude. If anyone can get coached to a certain score, it’s difficult for them to convince colleges that the results are valuable.

It is significant for them to admit that SAT Prep courses boost scores, as it is damaging to their business model. We can take their admission as truth for this reason.

There were some studies done on other testing materials and it found that books were not as effective as courses. The average increase from all types of test prep was only 30 points, while that of courses was much more.

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